I find this so tricky but I guess I’ll get to know you guys so you should probably get to know me. I am a wife, I’ve been married to my very lucky husband since 2011, we have three girls that rule our world, we also have two cats called Mo & Bean and our lovable pooch Hogan.

I started documenting family life around 10 years ago and fell in love with photography. It was only after working at a busy pharmacy during the Covid pandemic that I realised that I could turn my passion into a job and have been self employed ever since. I could ramble all day (I do that a lot) its probs easier to bullet point a few Sacha facts…

  • I love music, anything and everything.
  • Italian food is my fave.
  • I rarely drink alcohol, tea is fabulous.
  • I am a December baby and love Christmas.
  • The Office US is my Netflix binge.
  • Giraffes are bloody cool, like how are they up there?
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with Harry Styles (please still book me, I can’t help it)
  • I mostly wear trainers or crocs (they are comfy af)
  • Lastly I am so impulsive. Sometimes it’s scary. 

Quite simply, Sacha is amazing. Our entire experience with Sacha was easy and always exceeding expectations.

From start to finish, Sacha made all of us feel at ease - our shoot was so natural and Sacha really encouraged us to just be ourselves and the end product was the best.

We highly recommend Sacha for any photography needs and will definitely be using her again.